FMB Dataset (Full-time Multi-modality Benchmark Dataset)

Introduced by Liu et al. in Multi-interactive Feature Learning and a Full-time Multi-modality Benchmark for Image Fusion and Segmentation

FMB contains 1500 well-registered infrared and visible image pairs with 14 annotated pixel-level categories. Also, it covers a wide range of pixel variations and various severe environments, e.g., dense fog, heavy rain, and low-light condition. The FMB dataset includes rich scenes under different illumination conditions, so that it enables fusion/segmentation model to improve the generalization ability greatly. We labeled 98.16% of all pixels into 14 different categories including Road, Sidewalk, Building, Traffic Light, Traffic Sign, Vegetation, Sky, Person, Car, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pole, which often appear in real world automatic driving and semantic understanding tasks.


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