GBUSV is a un-annotated dataset consisting of ultrasound videos of of patients with either of a malignant or a non-malignant gallbladder. The ultrasound videos were obtained from patients referred to the radiology department of PGIMER, Chandigarh (a high-input hospital in Northern India) for abdominal ultrasound examinations of suspected gallbladder pathologies. Patients were at fasting of at least 6 hours. A 1-5 MHz curved array transducer (C-1-5D, Logiq S8, GE Healthcare) was used. The scanning intended to include the entire gallbladder and the lesion or pathology. The length of the video sequences varies from 43 to 888 frames. The dataset consists of 32 malignant and 32 non-malignant videos containing a total of 12,251 and 3,549 frames, respectively. The video frames are cropped from the center to anonymize the patient information and annotations. The processed frame sizes are of size 360x480 pixels.


The images of the video sequences are un-annotated and suitable for unsupervised learning tasks. We provide the high-level categorization for each video whether it's malignant or non-malignant.


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