The German Lipreading dataset consists of 250,000 publicly available videos of the faces of speakers of the Hessian Parliament, which was processed for word-level lip reading using an automatic pipeline. The format is similar to that of the English language Lip Reading in the Wild (LRW) dataset, with each H264-compressed MPEG-4 video encoding one word of interest in a context of 1.16 seconds duration, which yields compatibility for studying transfer learning between both datasets. Choosing video material based on naturally spoken language in a natural environment ensures more robust results for real-world applications than artificially generated datasets with as little noise as possible. The 500 different spoken words ranging between 4-18 characters in length each have 500 instances and separate MPEG-4 audio- and text metadata-files, originating from 1018 parliamentary sessions. Additionally, the complete TextGrid files containing the segmentation information of those sessions are also included. The size of the uncompressed dataset is 15GB.


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