GOTOV (Human Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure Dataset on Older Individuals)

Stylianos ParaschiakosStylianos Paraschiakos, Beekman M. (Marian), Knobbe A. (Arno), Cachucho R. (Ricardo), Slagboom P. (Eline) Wearable sensor-based data of physical activities and indirect calorimetry for 35 (14 female, 21 male) healthy older individuals (over 60 years old). The data has been collected from different body locations and devices: 3x GeneActives accelerometers (ankle, wrist, and chest), 1x Equivital (chest) and COSMED (mask and belt on chest). The 35 individuals followed a protocol of 16 activities of daily living for approximately an hour and a half in a semi-lab environment. These include different types or paces of indoor and outdoor activities with low (lying down, sitting), mid (standing, household activities) and high (walking and cycling) levels of intensity. Additionally, some activities can be specified at different granularities. The study took place at LUMC, between February and May 2015.


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