HUME-VB (The Hume Vocal Bursts Dataset)

The Hume Vocal Burst Database (H-VB) includes all train, validation, and test recordings and corresponding emotion ratings for the train and validation recordings.

This dataset contains 59,201 audio recordings of vocal bursts from 1,702 speakers, from 4 cultures—the U.S, South Africa, China, and Venezuela—ranging in age from 20 to 39.5 years old. The duration of data in this version of H-VB is 36 Hours (Mean: 02.23 sec). The emotion ratings correspond to ten emotion concepts, listed below, and averaged 0-100 intensities for each emotion concept, with each sample having been rated by an average of 85.2 raters.

Emotion Labels: Awe, Excitement, Amusement, Awkwardness, Fear, Horror, Distress, Triumph, Sadness, Surprise.


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