INSTRE is a benchmark for INSTance-level visual object REtrieval and REcognition (INSTRE). INSTRE has the following major properties: (1) balanced data scale, (2) more diverse intraclass instance variations, (3) cluttered and less contextual backgrounds, (4) object localization annotation for each image, (5) well-manipulated double-labelled images for measuring multiple object (within one image) case.

The whole dataset is split into three disjoint subsets INSTRE-S1 (for single object case 1), INSTRE-S2 (for single object case 2) and INSTRE-M (for multiple object case). INSTRE-S1 and INSTRE-S2 are collected for measuring single object case, both of which have 100 object classes. INSTRE-S1 contains 11011 images and INSTRE-S2 contains 12059 images.


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