JIGSAWS (JHU-ISI Gesture and Skill Assessment Working Set)

Introduced by Gao et al. in Jhu-isi gesture and skill assessment working set (jigsaws): A surgical activity dataset for human motion modeling

The JHU-ISI Gesture and Skill Assessment Working Set (JIGSAWS) is a surgical activity dataset for human motion modeling. The data was collected through a collaboration between The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA. ISI) within an IRB-approved study. The release of this dataset has been approved by the Johns Hopkins University IRB. The dataset was captured using the da Vinci Surgical System from eight surgeons with different levels of skill performing five repetitions of three elementary surgical tasks on a bench-top model: suturing, knot-tying and needle-passing, which are standard components of most surgical skills training curricula. The JIGSAWS dataset consists of three components:

  • kinematic data: Cartesian positions, orientations, velocities, angular velocities and gripper angle describing the motion of the manipulators.
  • video data: stereo video captured from the endoscopic camera. Sample videos of the JIGSAWS tasks can be downloaded from the official webpage.
  • manual annotations including:
  • gesture (atomic surgical activity segment labels).
  • skill (global rating score using modified objective structured assessments of technical skills).
  • experimental setup: a standardized cross-validation experimental setup that can be used to evaluate automatic surgical gesture recognition and skill assessment methods.
Source: https://cirl.lcsr.jhu.edu/research/hmm/datasets/jigsaws_release


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