Introduced by Mesquita et al. in KnowledgeNet: A Benchmark Dataset for Knowledge Base Population

KnowledgeNet is a benchmark dataset for the task of automatically populating a knowledge base (Wikidata) with facts expressed in natural language text on the web. KnowledgeNet provides text exhaustively annotated with facts, thus enabling the holistic end-to-end evaluation of knowledge base population systems as a whole, unlike previous benchmarks that are more suitable for the evaluation of individual subcomponents (e.g., entity linking, relation extraction).

For instance, the dataset contains text expressing the fact (Gennaro Basile; RESIDENCE; Moravia), in the passage: "Gennaro Basile was an Italian painter, born in Naples but active in the German-speaking countries. He settled at Brünn, in Moravia, and lived about 1756..."

Source: KnowledgeNet


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