KTH (KTH Action dataset)

Introduced by Christian Schüldt et al. in Recognizing Human Actions: A Local SVM Approach

The efforts to create a non-trivial and publicly available dataset for action recognition was initiated at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2004. The KTH dataset is one of the most standard datasets, which contains six actions: walk, jog, run, box, hand-wave, and hand clap. To account for performance nuance, each action is performed by 25 different individuals, and the setting is systematically altered for each action per actor. Setting variations include: outdoor (s1), outdoor with scale variation (s2), outdoor with different clothes (s3), and indoor (s4). These variations test the ability of each algorithm to identify actions independent of the background, appearance of the actors, and the scale of the actors.

Source: Review of Action Recognition and Detection Methods


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