LaFAN1 (Ubisoft La Forge Animation Dataset)

Ubisoft La Forge Animation Dataset ("LAFAN1")

Ubisoft La Forge Animation dataset and accompanying code for the SIGGRAPH 2020 paper Robust Motion In-betweening.

Shot in May 2017.

This dataset can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License (see license.txt).

If you use this dataset or transition benchmarking code, please consider citing the paper:

author    = {Félix G. Harvey and Mike Yurick and Derek Nowrouzezahrai and Christopher Pal},
title     = {Robust Motion In-Betweening},
booktitle = {ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH)},
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The animation data is contained in the file.
All the animation sequences are in the BVH file format.
There are 5 subjects in the dataset, 77 sequences, and 496,672 motion frames at 30fps (~4.6 hours).
Every BVH file is named with the following convention: [theme][take number]_[subject ID].bvh.
Any sequences sharing the same theme and take_number were recorded at the same time in the studio.
Themes are high level indicators of the actions in the sequences.

The following themes are present in the LaFAN1 dataset:

Theme Description Number of sequences
Obstacles Locomotion on uneven terrain 17
Walk Walking locomotion, with different styles 12
Dance Free dancing 8
Fall and get up Falling on the ground and getting back up 6
Aiming Locomotion while handling or aiming a gun 5
Ground Locomotion while crawling and crouching 5
Multiple actions Miscellaneous/multiple movements per sequence 4
Run Jogging/Running locomotion 4
Fight Various fight movements 3
Jumps Locomotion with one and two-leg jumps 3
Fight and sports Fight and sports movements 2
Push and stumble Pushing, stumbling and recovery 3
Push and fall Pushing, falling, and getting up 2
Sprint Sprinting locomotion 2
Push Pushing adversary 1

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