LAION-400M is a dataset with CLIP-filtered 400 million image-text pairs, their CLIP embeddings and kNN indices that allow efficient similarity search.

⚠️ Disclaimer & Content Warning (from the authors)

Our filtering protocol only removed NSFW images detected as illegal, but the dataset still has NSFW content accordingly marked in the metadata. When freely navigating through the dataset, keep in mind that it is a large-scale, non-curated set crawled from the internet for research purposes, such that collected links may lead to discomforting and disturbing content. Therefore, please use the demo links with caution. You can extract a “safe” subset by filtering out samples drawn with NSFW or via stricter CLIP filtering.

There is a certain degree of duplication because we used URL+text as deduplication criteria. The same image with the same caption may sit at different URLs, causing duplicates. The same image with other captions is not, however, considered duplicated.

Using KNN clustering should make it easy to further deduplicate by image content.


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