Large Labelled Logo Dataset (L3D)

Introduced by Gutiérrez-Fandiño et al. in The Large Labelled Logo Dataset (L3D): A Multipurpose and Hand-Labelled Continuously Growing Dataset

It is composed of around 770k of color 256x256 RGB images extracted from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) open registry. Each of them is associated to multiple labels that classify the figurative and textual elements that appear in the images. These annotations have been classified by the EUIPO evaluators using the Vienna classification, a hierarchical classification of figurative marks.

We suggest it to be used for: 1. Unconditional trademark generation 2. Conditional trademark generation. 3. Multi-label logo classification (Vienna classification). 4. Optical Character Recognition. 5. Conditional trade 6. Image segmentation. 7. Image retrieval


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