LDC2020T02 (Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) Annotation Release 3.0)

Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) Annotation Release 3.0 was developed by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC), SDL/Language Weaver, Inc., the University of Colorado's Computational Language and Educational Research group and the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California. It contains a sembank (semantic treebank) of over 59,255 English natural language sentences from broadcast conversations, newswire, weblogs, web discussion forums, fiction and web text. This release adds new data to, and updates material contained in, Abstract Meaning Representation 2.0 (LDC2017T10), specifically: more annotations on new and prior data, new or improved PropBank-style frames, enhanced quality control, and multi-sentence annotations.

AMR captures "who is doing what to whom" in a sentence. Each sentence is paired with a graph that represents its whole-sentence meaning in a tree-structure. AMR utilizes PropBank frames, non-core semantic roles, within-sentence coreference, named entity annotation, modality, negation, questions, quantities, and so on to represent the semantic structure of a sentence largely independent of its syntax.


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