LEVIR-CD is a new large-scale remote sensing building Change Detection dataset. The introduced dataset would be a new benchmark for evaluating change detection (CD) algorithms, especially those based on deep learning.

LEVIR-CD consists of 637 very high-resolution (VHR, 0.5m/pixel) Google Earth (GE) image patch pairs with a size of 1024 × 1024 pixels. These bitemporal images with time span of 5 to 14 years have significant land-use changes, especially the construction growth. LEVIR-CD covers various types of buildings, such as villa residences, tall apartments, small garages and large warehouses. Here, we focus on building-related changes, including the building growth (the change from soil/grass/hardened ground or building under construction to new build-up regions) and the building decline. These bitemporal images are annotated by remote sensing image interpretation experts using binary labels (1 for change and 0 for unchanged). Each sample in our dataset is annotated by one annotator and then double-checked by another to produce high-quality annotations. The fully annotated LEVIR-CD contains a total of 31,333 individual change-building instances.


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