LIVE (Public-Domain Subjective Image Quality Database)

The LIVE Public-Domain Subjective Image Quality Database is a resource developed by the Laboratory for Image and Video Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. It contains a set of images and videos whose quality has been ranked by human subjects. This database is used in Quality Assessment (QA) research, which aims to make quality predictions that align with the subjective opinions of human observers.

The database was created through an extensive experiment conducted in collaboration with the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. The experiment involved obtaining scores from human subjects for many images distorted with different distortion types. The QA algorithm may be trained on part of this data set, and tested on the rest.

The database is available to the research community free of charge. If you use these images in your research, the creators kindly ask that you reference their website and their papers. There are two releases of the database. Release 2 includes more distortion types and more subjects than Release 1. The distortions include JPEG-compressed images, JPEG2000-compressed images, Gaussian blur, and white noise.


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