To make synthetic images match the property of real dark photography, we analyze the illumination distribution of low-light images. We collect 270 low-light images from public MEF [42], NPE [6], LIME [8], DICM [43], VV,2 and Fusion [44] dataset, transform the imagesT into YCbCr channel and calculate the histogram of Y channel. We also collect 1000 raw images from RAISE [45] as normal-light images and calculate the histogram of Y channel in YCbCr.

Raw images contain more information than the converted results. For raw images, all operations used to generate pixel values are performed in one step on the base data, making the result more accurate. 1000 raw images in RAISE [45] are used to synthesize low-light images. Interface provided by Adobe Lightroom is used and we try different kinds of parameters to make the histogram of Y channel fit the result in low-light images. Final parameter configuration can be found in the supplementary material. The illumination distribution of synthetic images matches that of low-light images. Finally, we resize these raw images to 400 × 600 and convert them to Portable Network Graphics format.


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