LReID is a benchmark for lifelong person reidentification. It has been built using existing datasets, and it consists of two subsets: LReID-Seen and LReID-Unseen.

LReID-Seen contains 40,459 training images of the 2,500 identities selected from the following datasets: CUHK03, Market-1501, MSMT17 V2, DukeMTMC-ReID, CUHK-SYSU ReID. This is used to test a model's performance on seen domains.

LReID-Unseen contains 9,854 images from 3,594 identities from the following datasets: VIPeR, PRID, GRID, i-LIDS, CUHK01, CUHK02, SenseReID. This subset is used to test the model's generalisation capabilities to unseen domains.


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