Million-AID is a large-scale benchmark dataset containing a million instances for RS scene classification. There are 51 semantic scene categories in Million-AID. And the scene categories are customized to match the land-use classification standards, which greatly enhance the practicability of the constructed Million-AID. Different form the existing scene classification datasets of which categories are organized with parallel or uncertain relationships, scene categories in Million-AID are organized with systematic relationship architecture, giving it superiority in management and scalability. Specifically, the scene categories in Million-AID are organized by the hierarchical category network of a three-level tree: 51 leaf nodes fall into 28 parent nodes at the second level which are grouped into 8 nodes at the first level, representing the 8 underlying scene categories of agriculture land, commercial land, industrial land, public service land, residential land, transportation land, unutilized land, and water area. The scene category network provides the dataset with excellent organization of relationship among different scene categories and also the property of scalability. The number of images in each scene category ranges from 2,000 to 45,000, endowing the dataset with the property of long tail distribution. Besides, Million-AID has superiorities over the existing scene classification datasets owing to its high spatial resolution, large scale, and global distribution.

Source: DiRS: On Creating Benchmark Datasets for Remote Sensing Image Interpretation


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