MMPTRACK (Multi-camera Multiple People Tracking Dataset)

Introduced by Han et al. in MMPTRACK: Large-scale Densely Annotated Multi-camera Multiple People Tracking Benchmark

Multi-camera Multiple People Tracking (MMPTRACK) dataset has about 9.6 hours of videos, with over half a million frame-wise annotations. The dataset is densely annotated, e.g., per-frame bounding boxes and person identities are available, as well as camera calibration parameters. Our dataset is recorded with 15 frames per second (FPS) in five diverse and challenging environment settings., e.g., retail, lobby, industry, cafe, and office. This is by far the largest publicly available multi-camera multiple people tracking dataset.

We expect the availability of such large-scale multi-camera multiple people tracking dataset will encourage more participants in this research topic. This dataset is also valuable for the evaluation of other tasks, such as multi-view people detection and monocular multiple people tracking.


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