MSLR WEB30K (Microsoft Learning to Rank Datasets-30k)

Introduced by Qin et al. in Introducing LETOR 4.0 Datasets

The datasets are machine learning data, in which queries and urls are represented by IDs. The datasets consist of feature vectors extracted from query-url pairs along with relevance judgment labels:

(1) The relevance judgments are obtained from a retired labeling set of a commercial web search engine (Microsoft Bing), which take 5 values from 0 (irrelevant) to 4 (perfectly relevant).

(2) The features are basically extracted by us, and are those widely used in the research community.

In the data files, each row corresponds to a query-url pair. The first column is relevance label of the pair, the second column is query id, and the following columns are features. The larger value the relevance label has, the more relevant the query-url pair is. A query-url pair is represented by a 136-dimensional feature vector.


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