MuDoCo_QueryRewrite (The MuDoCo dataset with Query Rewrite Annotations)

Introduced by Tseng et al. in CREAD: Combined Resolution of Ellipses and Anaphora in Dialogues

<Task description: joint learning of coreference resolution and query rewrite>

Given an ongoing dialogue between a user and a dialogue assistant, for the user query, the model is required to predict both coreference links between the query and the dialogue context, and the self-contained rewritten user query that is independent to the dialogue context.


The MuDoCo dataset is a public dataset that contains 7.5k task-oriented multi-turn dialogues across 6 domains (calling, messaging, music, news, reminders, weather). Each dialogue turn is annotated with coreference links (links field). Please refer to the paper of the MuDoCo dataset for more details. Upon on the MuDoCo dataset, we annotate the query rewrite for each utterance, including both user and system turns. More details are provided in


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