MultiSubs (MultiSubs: A Large-scale Multimodal and Multilingual Dataset)

Introduced by Wang et al. in MultiSubs: A Large-scale Multimodal and Multilingual Dataset

MultiSubs is a dataset of multilingual subtitles gathered from the OPUS OpenSubtitles dataset, which in turn was sourced from We have supplemented some text fragments (visually salient nouns in this release) within the subtitles with web images, where the word sense of the fragment has been disambiguated using a cross-lingual approach. We have introduced a fill-in-the-blank task and a lexical translation task to demonstrate the utility of the dataset. Please refer to our paper for a more detailed description of the dataset and tasks. Multisubs will benefit research on visual grounding of words especially in the context of free-form sentence.

Josiah Wang, Pranava Madhyastha, Josiel Figueiredo, Chiraag Lala, Lucia Specia (2021). MultiSubs: A Large-scale Multimodal and Multilingual Dataset. CoRR, abs/2103.01910. Available at: [] (


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