MuSe-CaR (Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Car Reviews)

Introduced by Stappen et al. in The Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Car Reviews (MuSe-CaR) Dataset: Collection, Insights and Improvements

The MuSe-CAR database is a large, multimodal (video, audio, and text) dataset which has been gathered in-the-wild with the intention of further understanding Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in-the-wild, e.g., the emotional engagement that takes place during product reviews (i.e., automobile reviews) where a sentiment is linked to a topic or entity.

The estimated age range of the professional, semi-professional (influncers), and casual reviewers is between the middle of 20s until the late 50s. Most are native English speakers from the UK or the US, while a small minority are non-native, yet fluent English speakers.


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