N-UCLA (Northwestern-UCLA Multiview Action 3D Dataset)

The Multiview 3D event dataset is capture by me and Xiaohan Nie in UCLA. it contains RGB, depth and human skeleton data captured simultaneously by three Kinect cameras. This dataset include 10 action categories: pick up with one hand, pick up with two hands, drop trash, walk around, sit down, stand up, donning, doffing, throw, carry. Each action is performed by 10 actors. This dataset contains data taken from a variety of viewpoints. The dataset can be found in part-1, part-2 part-3, part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7, part-8, part-9, part-10, part-11, part-12, part-13, part-14, part-15, part-16, We also created a version of the dataset that only contains RGB videos: RGB videos only.


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