NISP- A Multi-lingual Multi-accent Dataset for Speaker Profiling

Introduced by Kalluri et al. in NISP: A Multi-lingual Multi-accent Dataset for Speaker Profiling

We announce the release of a new multilingual speaker dataset called NITK-IISc Multilingual Multi-accent Speaker Profiling(NISP) dataset. The dataset contains speech in six different languages -- five Indian languages along with Indian English. The dataset contains speech data from 345 bilingual speakers in India. Each speaker has contributed about 4-5 minutes of data that includes recordings in both English and their mother tongue. The transcript for the text is provided in UTF-8 format. For every speaker, the dataset contains speaker meta-data such as L1, native place, medium of instruction, current residing place etc. In addition the dataset also contains physical parameter information of the speakers such as age, height, shoulder size and weight. We hope that the dataset is useful for a diverse set of research activities including multilingual speaker recognition, language and accent recognition, automatic speech recognition etc.


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