ONCE (One Million Scenes)

Introduced by Mao et al. in One Million Scenes for Autonomous Driving: ONCE Dataset

ONCE (One millioN sCenEs) is a dataset for 3D object detection in the autonomous driving scenario. The ONCE dataset consists of 1 million LiDAR scenes and 7 million corresponding camera images. The data is selected from 144 driving hours, which is 20x longer than other 3D autonomous driving datasets available like nuScenes and Waymo, and it is collected across a range of different areas, periods and weather conditions.

Consists of:

  • 1 Million LiDAR frames, 7 Million camera images

  • 200 km² driving regions, 144 driving hours

  • 15k fully annotated scenes with 5 classes (Car, Bus, Truck, Pedestrian, Cyclist)

  • Diverse environments (day/night, sunny/rainy, urban/suburban areas)


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