The Parallel Meaning Bank (PMB), developed at the University of Groningen and building upon the Groningen Meaning Bank, comprises sentences and texts in raw and tokenised format, syntactic analysis, word senses, thematic roles, reference resolution, and formal meaning representations. The main objective of the PMB is to provide fine-grained meaning representations for words, sentences and texts. Sentences are, in isolation, often ambiguous. The aim is to provide the most likely interpretation for a sentence, with a minimal use of underspecification.

The PMB annotations include gold standard data, which is fully manually corrected, as well as silver (partially manually corrected) and bronze (with no manual corrections) data. The releases so far contain documents for English, German, Italian and Dutch, but for future releases it is planned to include Chinese and Japanese.

Source: The Parallel Meaning Bank: A Framework for Semantically Annotating Multiple Languages


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