PARus (Choice of Plausible Alternatives for Russian language)

Introduced by Shavrina et al. in RussianSuperGLUE: A Russian Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark

Choice of Plausible Alternatives for Russian language (PARus) evaluation provides researchers with a tool for assessing progress in open-domain commonsense causal reasoning. Each question in PARus is composed of a premise and two alternatives, where the task is to select the alternative that more plausibly has a causal relation with the premise. The correct alternative is randomized so that the expected performance of randomly guessing is 50%.

Task Type

Evaluation of commonsense causal reasoning

Sentence Pair Classification: suitable - not suitable


  "premise": "Гости вечеринки прятались за диваном.",
  "choice1": "Это была вечеринка-сюрприз.",
  "choice2":"Это был день рождения.",
  "question": "cause",
  "label": 0,
  "idx": 4

How did we collect data?

All text examples were collected from open news sources and literary magazines, then manually reviewed and supplemented by a human assessment on Yandex.Toloka


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