PeopleSansPeople (PeopleSansPeople: A Synthetic Data Generator for Human-Centric Computer Vision)

Introduced by Ebadi et al. in PeopleSansPeople: A Synthetic Data Generator for Human-Centric Computer Vision

In recent years, person detection and human pose estimation have made great strides, helped by large-scale labeled datasets. However, these datasets had no guarantees or analysis of human activities, poses, or context diversity. Additionally, privacy, legal, safety, and ethical concerns may limit the ability to collect more human data. An emerging alternative to real-world data that alleviates some of these issues is synthetic data. However, creation of synthetic data generators is incredibly challenging and prevents researchers from exploring their usefulness. Therefore, we release a human-centric synthetic data generator PeopleSansPeople which contains simulation-ready 3D human assets, a parameterized lighting and camera system, and generates 2D and 3D bounding box, instance and semantic segmentation, and COCO pose labels. Using PeopleSansPeople, we performed benchmark synthetic data training using a Detectron2 Keypoint R-CNN variant [1]. We found that pre-training a network using synthetic data and fine-tuning on target real-world data (few-shot transfer to limited subsets of COCO-person train [2]) resulted in a keypoint AP of 60.37±0.48 (COCO test-dev2017) outperforming models trained with the same real data alone (keypoint AP of 55.80) and pre-trained with ImageNet (keypoint AP of 57.50). This freely-available data generator should enable a wide range of research into the emerging field of simulation to real transfer learning in the critical area of human-centric computer vision.


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