PETRAW (PEg TRAnsfer Workflow recognition by different modalities)

Introduced by Huaulmé et al. in PEg TRAnsfer Workflow recognition challenge report: Does multi-modal data improve recognition?

PETRAW data set was composed of 150 sequences of peg transfer training sessions. The objective of the peg transfer session is to transfer 6 blocks from the left to the right and back. Each block must be extracted from a peg with one hand, transferred to the other hand, and inserted in a peg at the other side of the board. All cases were acquired by a non-medical expert on the LTSI Laboratory from the University of Rennes. The data set was divided into a training data set composed of 90 cases and a test data set composed of 60 cases. A case was composed of kinematic data, a video, semantic segmentation of each frame, and workflow annotation.


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