ChiMed-VL Dataset

ChiMed-VL-Alignment dataset

ChiMed-VL-Alignment consists of 580,014 image-text couplings, each pair falling into one of two categories: context information of an image or descriptions of an image. The context category contains 167M tokens, presenting a median text length of 435 (Q1: 211, Q3: 757). Conversely, descriptions, more concise and image-specific, contain inline descriptions and captions. They comprise 63M tokens, with median lengths settling at 59 (Q1: 45, Q3: 83).

ChiMed-VL-Instruction dataset

ChiMed-VL-Instruction comprises 469,441 question-answer pairs. Within this subset, the questions section contains 10M tokens with a median length of 20 (Q1: 16, Q3: 25), posing a concise inquiry reflective of medical queries. The answers consist of 13M tokens with a median length slightly longer at 22 (Q1: 12, Q3: 34), providing clear, direct, and informative responses.


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