RACE (ReAding Comprehension dataset from Examinations)

Introduced by Lai et al. in RACE: Large-scale ReAding Comprehension Dataset From Examinations

The ReAding Comprehension dataset from Examinations (RACE) dataset is a machine reading comprehension dataset consisting of 27,933 passages and 97,867 questions from English exams, targeting Chinese students aged 12-18. RACE consists of two subsets, RACE-M and RACE-H, from middle school and high school exams, respectively. RACE-M has 28,293 questions and RACE-H has 69,574. Each question is associated with 4 candidate answers, one of which is correct. The data generation process of RACE differs from most machine reading comprehension datasets - instead of generating questions and answers by heuristics or crowd-sourcing, questions in RACE are specifically designed for testing human reading skills, and are created by domain experts.

Source: Dynamic Fusion Networks for Machine Reading Comprehension


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Source: Lai et al.