RadGraph (RadGraph: Extracting Clinical Entities and Relations from Radiology Reports)

Introduced by Jain et al. in RadGraph: Extracting Clinical Entities and Relations from Radiology Reports

RadGraph is a dataset of entities and relations in radiology reports based on our novel information extraction schema, consisting of 600 reports with 30K radiologist annotations and 221K reports with 10.5M automatically generated annotations.

We release a development dataset, which contains board-certified radiologist annotations for 500 radiology reports from the MIMIC-CXR dataset (14,579 entities and 10,889 relations), and a test dataset, which contains two independent sets of board-certified radiologist annotations for 100 radiology reports split equally across the MIMIC-CXR and CheXpert datasets. We also release an inference dataset, which contains automatically generated annotations for 220,763 MIMIC-CXR reports (around 6 million entities and 4 million relations) and 500 CheXpert reports (13,783 entities and 9,908 relations) with mappings to associated chest radiographs.


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