RedCaps is a large-scale dataset of 12M image-text pairs collected from Reddit. Images and captions from Reddit depict and describe a wide variety of objects and scenes. The data is collected from a manually curated set of subreddits (350 total), which give coarse image labels and allow steering of the dataset composition without labeling individual instances.

Terms of use: Uses of RedCaps are subject to Reddit API terms. Users must comply with Reddit User Agreeement, Content Policy, and Privacy Policy.

Usage Restrictions: RedCaps should only be used for non-commercial research. RedCaps should not be used for any tasks that involve identifying features related to people (facial recognition, gender, age, ethnicity identification, etc.) or make decisions that impact people (mortgages, job applications, criminal sentences; or moderation decisions about user-uploaded data that could result in bans from a website). Any commercial and for-profit uses of RedCaps are restricted – it should not be used to train models that will be deployed in production systems as part of a product offered by businesses or government agencies

Refer to the datasheet in the paper more details.


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