Introduced by Vidanapathirana et al. in Plan2Scene: Converting Floorplans to 3D Scenes

Rent3D++ is an extension of the Rent3D floorplans + photos dataset. The floorplans are annotated with room outline polygons, doors/windows as line segments, object-icons as axis-aligned bounding boxes, room-door-room connectivity graphs, and photo-room assignments. We have extracted rectified surface crops from architectural surfaces in photos, and these can drive interior texturing/material modeling tasks. This dataset can be used with our paper Plan2Scene to generate textured 3D mesh models of houses using floorplans and photos.

The complete list of improvements we did on the Rent3D dataset are as follows:

  • Fixed incorrectly categorized rooms and added wall outlines and categories from missing rooms.
  • Expanding the room category set {reception, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor} by adding another 7 common room types: {closet, entrance, corridor, staircase, balcony, terrace, unknown}.
  • Generated room-door-room connectivity graphs for floorplans.
  • Annotated all windows, doors, and other wall openings, and associated them with corresponding rooms.
  • Defined a new 60/20/20% (129/43/43 houses) training, validation, test split (cf. original 100/30/85 house split), giving more samples to training and validation.
  • Extract rectified surface crops from architectural surfaces seen in photos (floors, walls, ceilings).
  • Annotated axis-aligned bounding boxes for fixed object icons indicated on the test set floorplans.


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