SHAPES (Swarm Heuristics based Adaptive and Penalized Estimation of Splines)

Introduced by Andreas et al. in Neural Module Networks

SHAPES is a dataset of synthetic images designed to benchmark systems for understanding of spatial and logical relations among multiple objects. The dataset consists of complex questions about arrangements of colored shapes. The questions are built around compositions of concepts and relations, e.g. Is there a red shape above a circle? or Is a red shape blue?. Questions contain between two and four attributes, object types, or relationships. There are 244 questions and 15,616 images in total, with all questions having a yes and no answer (and corresponding supporting image). This eliminates the risk of learning biases.

Each image is a 30×30 RGB image depicting a 3×3 grid of objects. Each object is characterized by shape (circle, square, triangle), colour (red, green, blue) and size (small, big).

Source: Visual Question Answering: A Survey of Methods and Datasets


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