Spanish TimeBank 1.0

Introduced by Saurí et al. in Spanish TimeBank 1.0

Spanish TimeBank 1.0 was developed by researchers at Barcelona Media and consists of Spanish texts in the AnCora corpus annotated with temporal and event information according to the TimeML specification language.

TimeML is a schema for annotating eventualities and time expressions in natural language as well as the temporal relations among them, thus facilitating the task of extraction, representation and exchange of temporal information. Spanish Timebank 1.0 is annotated in three levels, marking events, time expressions and event metadata. The TimeML annotation scheme was tailored for the specifics of the Spanish language. Temporal relations in Spanish present distinctions of verbal mood (e.g., indicative, subjunctive, conditional, etc.) and grammatical aspect (e.g., imperfective) which are absent in English. Spanish TimeBank 1.0 joins the family of TimeBank annotated corpora which includes languages such as English, Italian, French, Korean and Chinese. Through their common layer of annotation, these corpora provide resources useful for multilingual temporal extraction and processing, such as multilingual text entailment, opinion mining or question answering. Spanish Timebank 1.0 is the Spanish language complement to Catalan Timebank 1.0 LDC2012T10.


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