SportsPose (SportsPose - A Dynamic 3D sports pose dataset)

Introduced by Ingwersen et al. in SportsPose -- A Dynamic 3D sports pose dataset

Accurate 3D human pose estimation is essential for sports analytics, coaching, and injury prevention. However, existing datasets for monocular pose estimation do not adequately capture the challenging and dynamic nature of sports movements. In response, we introduce SportsPose, a large-scale 3D human pose dataset consisting of highly dynamic sports movements. With more than 176,000 3D poses from 24 different subjects performing 5 different sports activities, SportsPose provides a diverse and comprehensive set of 3D poses that reflect the complex and dynamic nature of sports movements. Contrary to other markerless datasets we have quantitatively evaluated the precision of SportsPose by comparing our poses with a commercial marker-based system and achieve a mean error of 34.5 mm across all evaluation sequences. This is comparable to the error reported on the commonly used 3DPW dataset. We further introduce a new metric, local movement, which describes the movement of the wrist and ankle joints in relation to the body. With this, we show that SportsPose contains more movement than the Human3.6M and 3DPW datasets in these extremum joints, indicating that our movements are more dynamic. The dataset with accompanying code can be downloaded from our website. We hope that SportsPose will allow researchers and practitioners to develop and evaluate more effective models for the analysis of sports performance and injury prevention. With its realistic and diverse dataset, SportsPose provides a valuable resource for advancing the state-of-the-art in pose estimation in sports


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