SUN-SEG-Hard (Unseen)

Introduced by Ji et al. in Video Polyp Segmentation: A Deep Learning Perspective

The SUN-SEG dataset is a high-quality per-frame annotated VPS dataset, which includes 158,690 frames from the famous SUN dataset. It extends the labels with diverse types, i.e., object mask, boundary, scribble, polygon, and visual attribute. It also introduces the pathological information from the original SUN dataset, including pathological classification labels, location information, and shape information.

Notably, the origin SUN dataset has 113 colonoscopy videos, including 100 positive cases with 49, 136 polyp frames and 13 negative cases with 109, 554 non-polyp frames. It manually trims them into 378 positive and 728 negative short clips, meanwhile maintaining their intrinsic consecutive relationship. Such data pre-processing ensures each clip has around 3~11s duration at a real-time frame rate (i.e., 30 fps), which promotes the fault-tolerant margin for various algorithms and devices. To this end, the re-organized SUN-SEG contains 1, 106 short video clips with 158, 690 video frames totally, offering a solid foundation to build a representative benchmark.

As such, it yields the final version of our SUN-SEG dataset, which includes 49,136 polyp frames (i.e., positive part) and 109,554 non-polyp frames (i.e., negative part) taken from different 285 and 728 colonoscopy videos clips, as well as the corresponding annotations.


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