Introduced by Le et al. in SyntheticFur dataset for neural rendering

SyntheticFur is a dataset for neural rendering. Collecting and generating high quality fur images is an expensive and difficult process that requires content specialists to generate. By releasing this unique dataset with high quality lighting simulation via ray tracing, this can save time for researchers seeking to advance studies of fur rendering and simulation, without having to recreate this laborious process.

The dataset was used for neural rendering research at Google that takes advantage of rasterized image buffers and converts them into high quality raytraced fur renders. We believe that this dataset can contribute to the computer graphics and machine learning community to develop more advanced techniques with fur rendering.

It contains approximately 140,000 procedurally generated images and 15 simulations with Houdini. The images consist of fur groomed with different skin primitives and move with various motions in a predefined set of lighting environments.


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