The T2Dv2 dataset consists of 779 tables originating from the English-language subset of the WebTables corpus. 237 tables are annotated for the Table Type Detection task, 236 for the Columns Property Annotation (CPA) task and 235 for the Row Annotation task. The annotations that are used are DBpedia types, properties and entities.

A subset of this dataset was annotated by Chen et al. for the Column Type Annotation (CTA) task where they annotate 236 tables with DBpedia types. In the papers it was used the subset was divided into training and testing splits and the evaluation was done on the testing split T2D-Te. This subset is available for download at their official Github repository.

Some characteristics for the different tasks are provided in the table below, where "Annotations" refers to the number of cells/rows/columns/tables annotated and "Classes" to the number of unique classes used for annotation.

Annotations Classes
Column Property Annotation 670 119
Row Annotation 26,106 13,975
Table Type 237 41
Column Type Annotation 411 37


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