TED-LIUM 3 is an audio dataset collected from TED Talks. It contains:

  • 2351 audio talks in NIST sphere format (SPH), including talks from TED-LIUM 2: be careful, same talks but not same audio files (only these audio file must be used with the TED-LIUM 3 STM files)
  • 452 hours of audio
  • 2351 aligned automatic transcripts in STM format
  • TEDLIUM 2 dev and test data: 19 TED talks in SPH format with corresponding manual transcriptions (cf. ‘legacy’ distribution below).
  • Dictionary with pronunciations (159848 entries), same file as the one included in TED-LIUM 2
  • Selected monolingual data for language modeling from WMT12 publicly available corpora: these files come from the TED-LIUM 2 release, but have been modified to get a tokenization more relevant for English language


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