TempEval-3 (TempEval-3: events, times, and temporal relations)

Introduced by UzZaman et al. in TempEval-3: Evaluating Events, Time Expressions, and Temporal Relations

Within the SemEval-2013 evaluation exercise, the TempEval-3 shared task aims to advance research on temporal information processing. It follows on from TempEval-1 and -2, with: a three-part structure covering temporal expression, event, and temporal relation extraction; a larger dataset; and new single measures to rank systems – in each task and in general.

We present TempEval-3 Silver data, with 666K words, and TempEval-3 Platinum, an evaluation set with 6K words. Documents are annotation with EVENT and TIMEX3 spans and also TLINKs, following the TimeML standard.


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