TrecQA (Text Retrieval Conference Question Answering)

Introduced by Mengqiu Wang et al. in What is the Jeopardy Model? A Quasi-Synchronous Grammar for QA

Text Retrieval Conference Question Answering (TrecQA) is a dataset created from the TREC-8 (1999) to TREC-13 (2004) Question Answering tracks. There are two versions of TrecQA: raw and clean. Both versions have the same training set but their development and test sets differ. The commonly used clean version of the dataset excludes questions in development and test sets with no answers or only positive/negative answers. The clean version has 1,229/65/68 questions and 53,417/1,117/1,442 question-answer pairs for the train/dev/test split.

Source: A Gated Self-attention Memory Network for Answer Selection


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