TRIPOD (TuRnIng POint Dataset)

Introduced by Papalampidi et al. in Movie Plot Analysis via Turning Point Identification

TRIPOD contains screenplays and plot synopses with turning point (TP) annotations for 99 movies. Each movie contains:

  1. The Wikipedia plot synopsis (extended summary of 35 sentences on average) with sentence-level TP annotations.
  2. The screenplay (all dialogue and description parts of the movie) segmented into scenes (selected from the Scriptbase dataset).
  3. Gold scene-level TP labels for the screenplays of the test set.
  4. The cast information (according to IMDb).

TRIPOD is extended in Movie Summarization via Sparse Graph Construction with more movies in the test set (122 now in total) and multimodal features extracted from the full-length movie videos. The multimodal version can be found here:


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