The TUT Sounds Event 2018 dataset consists of real-life first order Ambisonic (FOA) format recordings with stationary point sources each associated with a spatial coordinate. The dataset was generated by collecting impulse responses (IR) from a real environment using the Eigenmike spherical microphone array. The measurement was done by slowly moving a Genelec G Two loudspeaker continuously playing a maximum length sequence around the array in circular trajectory in one elevation at a time. The playback volume was set to be 30 dB greater than the ambient sound level. The recording was done in a corridor inside the university with classrooms around it during work hours. The IRs were collected at elevations −40 to 40 with 10-degree increments at 1 m from the Eigenmike and at elevations −20 to 20 with 10-degree increments at 2 m.



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