UASOL (A large-scale high-resolution outdoor stereo dataset)

Introduced by Bauer et al. in UASOL, a large-scale high-resolution outdoor stereo dataset

The UASOL an RGB-D stereo dataset, that contains 160902 frames, filmed at 33 different scenes, each with between 2 k and 10 k frames. The frames show different paths from the perspective of a pedestrian, including sidewalks, trails, roads, etc. The images were extracted from video files with 15 fps at HD2K resolution with a size of 2280 × 1282 pixels. The dataset also provides a GPS geolocalization tag for each second of the sequences and reflects different climatological conditions. It also involved up to 4 different persons filming the dataset at different moments of the day.

We propose a train, validation and test split to train the network. Additionally, we introduce a subset of 676 pairs of RGB Stereo images and their respective depth, which we extracted randomly from the entire dataset. This given test set is introduced to make comparability possible between the different methods trained with the dataset.


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