UCC (Unhealthy Comments Corpus)

The Unhealthy Comments Corpus (UCC) is corpus of 44355 comments intended to assist in research on identifying subtle attributes which contribute to unhealthy conversations online.

Each comment is labelled as either 'healthy' or 'unhealthy', in addition to binary labels for the presence of six potentially 'unhealthy' sub-attributes: (1) hostile; (2) antagonistic, insulting, provocative or trolling; (3) dismissive; (4) condescending or patronising; (5) sarcastic; and/or (6) an unfair generalisation. Each label also has an associated confidence score.

The UCC contributes further high quality data on attributes like sarcasm, hostility, and condescension, adding to existing datasets on these and related attributes, and provides the first dataset of this scale with labels for dismissiveness, unfair generalisations, antagonistic behavior, and overall assessments of whether those comments fall within 'healthy' conversation.

Source: UCC


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