UrbanScene3D is a large scale urban scene dataset associated with a handy simulator based on Unreal Engine 4 and AirSim, which consists of both man-made and real-world reconstruction scenes in different scales, referred to as UrbanScene3D. The manually made scene models have compact structures, which are carefully constructed/designed by professional modelers according to the images and maps of target areas. In contrast, UrbanScene3D also offers dense, detailed scene models reconstructed by aerial images through multi-view stereo (MVS) techniques. These scenes have realistic textures and meticulous structures. The release also includes the originally captured aerial images that have been used to reconstruct the 3D scene models, as well as a set of 4K video sequences that would facilitate designing algorithms, such SLAM and MVS.

Source: https://vcc.tech/UrbanScene3D/


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