Various URL Datasets (

Introduced by Nizipli et al. in Parsing Millions of URLs per Second

Various URL Datasets

These are collections of URLs for benchmarking purposes.

  • files/node_files.txt: all source files from a given Node.js snapshot as URLs (43415 URLs).
  • files/linux_files.txt: all files from a Linux systems as URLs (169312 URLs).
  • wikipedia/wikipedia_100k.txt: 100k URLs from a snapshot of all Wikipedia articles as URLs (March 6th 2023)
  • others/kasztp.txt: test URLs from (MIT License) (48009 URLs).
  • others/userbait.txt : test URLs from (unknown copyright) (11430 URLs).
  • top100/top100.txt: crawl of the top visited 100 websites and extracts unique URLs

Disclaimer: This repository is developed and released for research purposes only. - This project reshares some publicly available datasets. When in doubt, investigate the copyright of the files you want to use. - There may be errors and duplicates in these files.


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